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Our Team

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Our Team

We have a friendly caring team here at Marsden Dental Group.

Dr Lanh Vu

Dr Vu established the Marsden Dental Group in 1998, she is a highly respected and experienced dentist in the Logan region. She is one of only two Master Providers for Fastbraces™ technology in Queensland. Dr Vu grew up locally and graduated from the University of Queensland in 1996. She is married and has five children, including twin boys! Outside of work Dr Vu enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.

Dr Joseph Kung

Dr Kung graduated from the University of Queensland in 2007 and has been working at the practice since 2008. He is a critical member of the team, and a favourite with our existing patients. He is married and has one child. In his spare time Dr Kung enjoys sports, cooking and spending time with his family.

Dr Allan Nguyen

Originally hailing from Melbourne, Dr Nguyen moved to Brisbane in 2010 and successfully completed his Bachelor of Dental Science from the University of Queensland in 2015. He continually endeavours to provide quality dental treatment for his patients in a kind and gentle manner. In his free time, Dr Nguyen enjoys rock climbing, arts and crafts and has also recently developed a keen interest in photography.

Dr Sharleen Chu

Sharleen graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Dental Science(Hons). Having experience working in both government and private clinics, Sharleen has treated patients of all age groups. She is a very gentle and caring dentist and strives to make all her patients as comfortable as possible when coming to see her. Sharleen is committed to improving the oral health of our community. In her spare time, Sharleen likes to go to the beach and spend time with her family and friends.

Dr Parmesh Kaur

Dr Parmesh Kaur graduated from Melbourne University in 2013 and has been working with Marsden Dental Group since 2017.  Dr Kaur enjoys treating patients of all ages and is committed to providing quality dentistry.  
Dr Kaur enjoys traveling, cooking and sports.

The rest of our team at Marsden Dental Group includes our Practice Managers Lieu and Brooke.  Brooke has been with our practice since 1999 and Lieu since 2011.  Our team of 12 dental assistants are all ready to make sure your visit is comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

Dental Services

  • Emergency Care

    Emergency Care

    We can see you today! If you are in any pain due to a toothache or feel you may have traumatized a tooth we need to see you urgently.

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  • Preventive Dental Treatment

    Preventive Dental Treatment

    Regular checkups and cleans can help maintain and improve your smile and well-being.

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  • Gum Disease

    Gum Disease

    If you have swollen gums or bleed when brushing, you may have gum disease and we recommend you see us as soon as possible.

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  • Extractions


    We generally advise against adult tooth extractions (other than Wisdom teeth) until you fully understand the impact…

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  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    Wisdom Teeth are often removed as they can cause infection, inflammation and pain, due mainly to impaction.

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  • Mouth-guards and Splints

    Mouth-guards and Splints

    We are able to make correctly fitted mouth-guard for those enjoying various sports as well as...

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  • Restorations


    There are numerous ways our dentists can replace or restore missing teeth or missing parts of the tooth structure.

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  • Crowns  Special

    Crowns Special

    We have invested in state-of-the-arts technology to produce laser accurate Dental Crowns in-house.

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  • Fillings


    Fillings are used to restore teeth that have been chipped, worn down or damaged by decay.

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  • Root Canal Therapy

    Root Canal Therapy

    If you have a toothache, then it is most likely that you will need Root Canal Therapy to save that tooth.

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  • Implants


    Dental implants can be the best solution for replacing missing teeth. Speak to our dentist about your situation…

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  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    We believe your smile contribute most to beauty and confidence. Our dentists can provide you with…

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  • Orthodontics


    Orthodontic treatment will improve and give confidence to your smile as well as assist with oral hygiene and function.

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  • Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening has become extremely popular as means to brighten up your smile and boosts many patients' self-esteem.

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  • General Anaesthetics

    General Anaesthetics

    We provide a number of ways to help those including children who suffers from anxiety or stress…

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  • Laser Dentistry

    Laser Dentistry

    We can offer modern Laser dentistry when such usage gives improved treatment outcome more effectively…

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  • Technology


    At Marsden Dental we have Crown Milling Machine, OPG, Digital X-rays, Intra Oral Camera, Lasers Dentistry, The Wand etc.

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  • Children Dentistry

    Children Dentistry

    We wish to make every visit to the dentist fun for your child. We believe their early memories of dental visits…

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  • Medicare / CDBS

    Medicare / CDBS

    We welcome all New patients and those under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Scheme.

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  • Payment Plans

    Payment Plans

    Under certain circumstances, we can offer interest-free payment plans via certain finance companies.

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  • Health Funds

    Health Funds

    We accept all Health Funds and are preferred providers to a number of Health Funds such that in many…

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  • Hospital Vouchers

    Hospital Vouchers

    We welcome all new patients and those with dental vouchers as we have agreed with Metro South Oral Health…

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  • Free of Charge

    Free of Charge

    We provide FREE dental examination for same day treatments & FREE orthodontic consultations.

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  • Fastbraces


    With safety in mind, Fastbraces® Technology was developed to straighten teeth differently – allowing for a fast, safe and affordable solution. Ask our dentist if you are a suitable candidate for this money and time saving technology.

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  • Implants

    Affordable Implants

    Treatment plans available to suitable applicants.

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  • Same Day Crown Special

    Crown Special !!! Same Day Crown Convenience !!!

    Beautiful high quality Dental Crowns for amazing value.

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  • EMS Air-flow Machine

    EMS Air-flow Machine

    The Marsden Dental Group has the latest in teeth cleaning technology! Air-Flow by EMS uses an innovative technique of using compressed-air to clean and polish your teeth. The patented technology is more thorough and more comfortable for the patient, with no scraping necessary. 

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